What is causing these ridges

Why am I getting these ridges or steps (not sure what they are called) on every layer of the cut? Using a 60 degree bit and have the same bit selected in easel

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Does your V bit actually go to a point or is it have a flat spot on the tip.

It is the 60 degree vbit from the inventables store, it is a point

I think the V-Bits from Inventables (at least the last time I used one … never again … the bit snapped off of the shaft) are not actually true-point bits. They have a very small flat tip, but the standard Easel setup accounts for this I believe.

Can you share the project publicly just so that people can make sure nothing is amiss there?


Brandon Parker

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@BrandonR_Parker i am away from the workshop, it was every thing I have carved lately, would this be the vbit step over or the other setting when generating gcode?