What is 'Prismatic'?

I’m new to all of this. I want to cut channels for inlaying mother of pearl in ukulele headstock veneers. I see something about checking an option to add a box if doing prismatic, etc. Does anyone know what this is talking about? My first effort in cutting channels left them cut too tight.

Chuck Barnett

Assuming you’re using F-Engrave?
The prismatic cut is the “male” piece that will fit in the v-carve.

You might want to give more details on what you’re trying to do.

Thanks, Neil!

I’m trying to cut channeling for mother of pearl inlay for musical instrument building. I have the inlay drawing and am trying to get the channel fairly close to the it’s dimensions.

Chuck Barnett

I see. With mother of pearl, you’ll have some tolerance because you just fill up the carve. You wont need to use prismatic settings.

Thanks, again!

So, the drawing just needs to be a hair bigger to accomodate the inlay. Experimenting is the best method, I expect?

I’ve never used mother of pearl, but I would imagine that you should just need the cut to be the size of the design. The only thing you might need to “fudge” would be a tolerance for sanding.