What is the Best Feedrate for These Bits Carving into Harder and Softer Wood

What would be the best feedrate and depth for these bits? Where could I get higher quality 10 degree engraving bits?


The 10 degree vBits are pretty fragile so I would keep the feedrate under 25 ipm. I have found that the 30 deg vBits are about the smallest vBit I need, even for very small text carving. And even for small text I usually can use a 60 deg bit that is super rugged as long as I don’t need really deep cuts.

I’ve had great luck with toolstoday.com

Flexible system

The first bit here is awesome

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Okay, I was trying to do something like this, but information is a bit lacking, like the tool he used and the settings he used.

You can use a .125 ball nose bit or even a 2 mm tapered ball nose.

In general you are going to need a .25 ball nose to do the first rough cut. Then the .125 ball nose for the detail cut.

For most 3D carvings that works very well. If there is a lot of very fine detail you can do a second detail pass with a 30 deg vbit.