What is the best way to do this

I would like the cross to be raised and the text to be imbedded. is there a way to do this as one project?

Something like this:

nice looking

I think you just did it in that second photo :+1:

So if i set the depth of the text .250 greater then the pocket depth, use a bowl bit for the pocket and an 1/8" 90 degree V bit for the detail cut should that work?

Based on the other thread, you need to carve the pocket with the bowl bit only.
Then youd need to set the z zero for the v bit at the bottom of that pocket, BUT youll also need to adjust the safety height to prevent the bit from crashing into the raised walls.

Similarly to how carved the pug catch all tray, but since i didnt have any raised walls to hit i didnt bothet editing the safety height in mine…

What do you mean adjust the safety height? New to the machine, but I don’t think I’ve seen this setting.

Go to Machine>General settings
and youll find this setting

Thank you Seth, but i’m affraid I had alreadt started the carve prior to reading your post, but after a 10 hour battle yesturday that turned out to be my computer losing its USB connection every time I would start the carve over it seems that it is working like I described without having to remeasure and set the depth of the text to the thickness of wood at the bottom of the pocket. I thought it should work that way, but I think the bits I was using on the other post you mentioned didn’t allow for the text to be completed with the 1/4" downcut. having to attempt to restart the carve no less then 10 times yesterday is leaving my text a little distorted sense I was not able to insure exact placement of the starting point each time, but it continues to serve as a learning tool.

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So this is the final result, any idea what causes some areas not to be cut? I used the bowl bit for the rough cut and the 1/8" V bit for the finish. Seems like a 3rd pass with maybe a 1/4 end mill might take care of the edges.

The raised section is the result of a multi bit carve where one bit carved deeper than another. This could be from setting z zero incorrectly OR a bit being loose in the collet and slipping up/down OR using aggressive cut settings which could cause excessive push or pull forces which can effect the carve depth due to flexing of the gantry and/or bed.

The amount of variance of the heights shown in the photo looks most likely to be z zeros not matching between the 2 bits.

Would the Z zero still be an issue if using the z probe to set zero?

This is the results after changing the rough cut bit to a 1/4" upcut and running the rough cut again. I ran through most of the carve at 120 in/ min until it got close to actually cutting then i slowed to 60 to speed up the time where no cutting was needed.


Nicely done! Sometimes it takes learning by trial and error and for you it definitely worked out in your favor! Looks great!


Looks really good. I’m learning the CNC as well. Keep up the good work!

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