What is the 'OFFICAL' name of the new/old X-Carve?

Just curious what the proper names are for the different X-Carves…

In this tweet @Zach_Kaplan calls the old one ‘generation 1’

So is it:

  • X-Carve G1?
  • X-Carve G2?

But on this page, the old one is called X-Carve 2015

So do we call it:

  • X-Carve 2015?
  • X-Carve 2016?

And in true ‘APPLE’ fashion we have the first post where its called ‘The NEW X-Carve’

  • New X-Carve?
  • Old X-Carve?

I would like this issue settled once and for all…
@Zach_Kaplan whats the offical name? :smile:

y-carve? perhaps

IMHO, we have the Old Testament and the New Testament, so why not the Old X Carve and the New X Carve?

seems to me if you named it that then the generation 3 x-carve would be called “New New X-carve”

new and old terms may not be very repeatable for the future

maybe after new could be

newest x-carve

maybe after that

newer x-carve

maybe after that

recent x-carve

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The only problem with that is when the next version comes out it will be harder to name…
“The New Newer X-Carve”? :slight_smile:

My preference is the year in the name or generation number… (X-Carve 1.0; 2.0;3.0 etc…)

Like minds… lol

Because when the next one comes out do [quote=“MarcCohen, post:3, topic:28225, full:true”]
IMHO, we have the Old Testament and the New Testament, so why not the Old X Carve and the New X Carve?

What do we can the next version then… the New-New X-Carve? :slight_smile:

If its up for vote… i would pick X-Carve [gen] 1 / X-Carve [gen] 2…

That way i could describe my current machine as an X-Carve 1.5 (wide maker slide… no X-Controller :wink:)

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same page… lol

@RonSabourin Ha! You must type faster then me.

True enough. Testaments are only released every 2000 years or so!

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I think a simple X-carve Rev. 2 would be the best

so the name stays the same but you have revision number behind it so tracing parts will be easy

and when you call inventables just let them know you are working off Rev 2 and so on

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Xcarve nano

Maybe keep along the lines as windows 10… it’s the Xcarve build version 2.0785.34.200

Could always do what apple does.

Seeing as the new xcarve is in a way the same xcarve with just some updates to it to fix most of the issues. Could call it the

Xcarve plus.

How about X-Carve 7 and X-Carve 7 plus

X-Carve 2: Electric Boogaloo

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X-Carve Unrated?

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better call it the x-carve useless if your going after i-phone

aka no headphone jack lol

how but a X-Carve Rev 2.0