What Just Happened?

I had my machine running this morning, and it was chugging away, then stopped mid-Carve…Not a huge deal, as it has happened before… not damage to project etc.
So i pull the vacuum hose off and wait for the Green carve button to come back, as it usually does…

but there is no green button… so i disconnect/reconnect USB… power it down, then back up… all things that typically work.

now, when i power up, ONLY the Y2 stepper is locking… free motion on Y1, X and Z…i have my X-controller apart to take a peek inside now, are there status lights or anything i should be looking for?

more info…

windows 7
Have tried bypassing the USB pigtail and running straight in.
controller no longer shows up in device manager

Maybe a surge damaged the board. Call Inventables tomorrow. If your getting zero signal it’s either bad board or windows is trying to update.

upon further inspection, Y2 is the only output on the board with power. any axis i plug into it locks and holds… the rest are just limp

edit* unrelated i’m sure, but i am also getting “failedSaving” messages in easel

Worst part about all of this is that I have really limited time available for the machine, between work and Baby’s Bedtime… so i spend all week laying out designs and their various workpieces, as well as preparing the stock for them… then, Sunday and Thursday mornings i have to pretty much keep feeding the machine until I get caught up with orders for the week. I’ve emailed Support, but i realize it is the weekend. Now the orders that should have gone out tomorrow will be delayed until Thursday, well outside my advertised 3-day handling time…


May or may not be related but I had my top board lose from my bottom inside the arduino enclosure would cause disconnect issues I ended up putting a couple rubber spacers under the bottom board on that side to hold it up so the top board would mate properly and been working perfectly since.

Once again, @Zach_Kaplan and his team of awesome people are proving to be the most customer-service oriented company I’ve ever dealt with.
On a much smaller scale I try to do the same in my business dealings. You can shear a sheep a hundred times, but you can only slaughter it once. Repeat business is the best business.

I’ll have a new board tomorrow :grin:

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Must have missed that part. I assumed it was an older one like mine.

As promised, my new control board arrived via next-day UPS today. I can’t think of enough Superlative adjectives to express how glad I am that I chose to give money to THIS company.

No long troubleshooting looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack… no 3rd degree… just a 6 minute conversation, and the new board was en route…

X-controller is back together, just needs a calibration… Thanks SO MUCH INVENTABLES!!

in my short down-time, I re-ran the electrical for my PC, grounded my Shop-Vac hose, and added an additional outlet to the circuit in the garage so that my PC, X-Carve, router and monitor are on a single, isolated circuit. Mounted the controller on the wall above the debris field, and made a dust shroud around the inlet end of it to minimize inhalation of the crummy stuff.

Also took the 10 minutes needed to REALLY square up my spindle, using a version of the bent wire in the collet (Not sure who posted that, or I’d credit them) but mine was a piece of MDF with 2 1/4" holes and a couple of sections of wood dowel. the one pointed toward the board was sharpened with a pencil sharpener to improve “resolution”


I give you…

The GhettoTram 3000!!!


now i want one!!!

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I am so making one of these!