What next while waiting?

So I’ve assembled as much as I can while waiting for the X-Controller. I’ve managed to assemble a pretty good mixture of close to 100 bits from various websites, a pretty good assortment of clamps, materials from assorted plastics and wood. I’ve got a pretty good first aid kit and an adult beverage holder. From Y’all’s experience are there items that I should be “stocking up” on? (Belts, hardware, etc.)

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stock up on knowledge.

otherwise, sounds like you have most of everything to get started.

Get your dust collection in order. That or a truck load of dust masks. It couldn’t hurt to have a backup of the belts. I haven’t had any break. But it’s been known to happen.

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Depending on your comfort level… you might also want to play around with some of the software… (i.e. Easel, UGS, etc)

Never hurts to get a head start on that, rather than learning on the fly…

Oh… and you will likely need a kickass bit holder thingy for all those bits. you can start designing one now…

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:scream: there should be a separate category called “The Phil Johnson Advisory section”. The first line should read “have your tissues and ice cream on hand before continuing”


So close!


Eww puppies!? Are you kidding me, with the allergies of soft skinned people now days. That would be a source or tears. This is what we’re talking about Phil!:smirk:

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Kind of with Curtis on this one. Puppies lives matter.

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kill all the cats and only have dogs I am cool with that!!

cats are evil :japanese_goblin:

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Don’t you give me those EYES!!


HAHA yeah


what is “run cnc”

Ohhhhhhhh…I knew that. Actually no I didn’t…because I STILL DON’T HAVE MY X-CONTROLLER YET!


staying patient.


This has gotten way out of control! :tada::joy:

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Whatever you do, do not read this post…

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