What’s going on here?

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Any ideas what’s causing this problem?

The link isnt working (for me).
Upload it to Youtube or something and share it that way, hopefully it will show :slight_smile:

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Look at the connections on the left side of the gantry. Lightly pull the wires on the connector, one at a time. One of the wires is probably broken.

Checked all my wires on the stepper motors and on the x controller everything seems to be in order. I can push the gantry out to the back and hone the machine. It’ll do that rigid sounding movement all the way up to about 12” from the front, then it will home smoothly. Could it be a bad stepper motor? Had it for about 4yrs

Look at the wires coming from the drag chain to the connector. Again, pull every wire individually to check the connection. Wires on the connector move ever so slightly as the machine moves and eventually they will fatigue enough so that the connection breaks. Has happened to me twice and the symptoms were exactly like yours in the video.

Verify continuity with a DVM, visual inspection of electrical wires are dodgy…at best :wink:

And by a DVM you mean a multimeter? Sure, but at least in my case one of wires was completely cut right next to the connector. The wire still made contact at almost the whole x-carriage travel area, but in some position it didn’t, which resulted in symptoms like in the posted video. I would still be the fool pulling the wires one by one, but if Jason has a multimeter with jaw probes, by all means set the multimeter to continuity and check the wires one by one (machine off & slowly move the gantry and x-carriage).

Unfortunately I’m not as versed in the electrical side of things. I’m gonna go out tonight in the shop and do my best investigating. Did you completely open your drag chain on the gantry to look at the wires?and what was your ultimate solution after you found your broken wire? Replace the x axis wire harness is it?

I didn’t open anything. I just stripped that wire a few millimeters more and connected it again. The breakage was right next to the screw terminal on the gantry.

Issue resolved you guys! Thanks so much for your wisdom and input on this one. Long story short I panicked and bought the stepper motor NEMA kit in fear up really messing up. I just took the new x axis cable and hooked it up free hanging just to test it before opening up the drag chain and zip tying everything back together. And it works perfectly. Now just gotta put it together again the right way. Upside is I have four new motors and three more replacement cables for the y and z. Might need them I don’t see owning a xcarve pro in my near future. Thanks again for your time and advice.

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