What size do the belts need to be?

Hey guys so I am at the part where I need to install the belts. The instructions say to cut the belt into 3 equal lengths. So I figure I just measure the belt and divide it by 3 and cut. But then the materials list says GT2 6.35mm Wide Open Belt (foot) so do I cut 3 equal lenghts of 12 inches?

That’s just telling you, that 12 feet of belt are supplied.
Cut it into 3 equal lengths.

perfect! thank you

Note to self… stop building a precision machine past 12am… I accidentally just cut a lenght at 3 feet…

I guess I am screwed now…

Lovely… 70$ to replace it…

Shipping is 30$ and 30$ is about 45 canadian.

I think I did the same thing with my build!
Luckily, I had a lot of GT2 belt on hand due to a 3D printer build.

Amazon.ca has a lot of choices if you search for GT2 belt 6mm. One choice is 2m for $3.80 plus $1.00 shipping but says 15 to 26 days shipping. Another is 10 m for $24.00 and free shipping!! There are plenty of others!

Could someone confirm this is the correct belt? It is the only one I could find that would ship next day for free using amazon prime.

This one is cheaper, could anyone tell me if this is the correct belt. Also should I be worried about the quality of the belt or would it be good?

Ya I don’t need the pulley’s but cant find any products with just the belt :frowning: so the belts will work?

Thank you for the info gonna play it safe and go with the first one! should be here Friday!

I have bought and used this belt and the quality seems to be okay.