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What software to run files from VCarve on X-Carve?

Hi, I’m looking for software options to run the files I program in VCarve Pro on an X-Carve connected to a non-internet connected Windows computer. I have seen mention of Vectric’s VTransfer but that looks like I would need to upgrade my version of VCarve Pro 8.5 to something higher to get it. Another one I have seen mentioned is UGS. At a quick look, it looks promising. Are there any other options you are using that I should consider?

I use PicSender

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I have a small “toy” cnc (not my main machine) and I use GRBL to send to it.

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You can save the VCarve file to an XCarve format and open with Easel. You can run the work piece in Easel but can not make changes to the work there.

I thought you had to be online to use Easel? Is there a version I can save to the computer and control the CNC without being connected to the internet?

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I haven’t used mine offline, but was under the impression you only needed the Web to access your online projects. If you export your VCarve work to an Easel file, It should run off that file. Can anybody confirm this?

I use Easel online to create designs. I then generate G-code and download that to a USB drive. In my basement I use a sender to make my machine carve the design. If you are using Easel to control your machine (which I don’t do) you must be connected to the Internet.

You can export Vectric G-code and import that into Easel. I don’t like doing that because you can’ t simulate the carve or make changes using Easel.

You can create designs with vectric and in some cases you can export your designs as SVGs instead of G-code. Easel can then import the SVGs and you can make additional changes using Easel.

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Openbuilding CNC control this working good

Take a look at Picsender.
I’ve been using it for years and love it.
If I remember correctly, they have a free trial version