What values to input on different Vbits (22,15,30 and flat tips?)

Ok so i have tried every possible way to calculate things manually but google just cannot help me. All the methods i tried, i just cant get it right.

I have different amana tools, and i just cant figure it out anymore. After testing an ruining a lot of materials im out of options…

Example: I have a 22 degree Carving Liner bit. Cutting height 0.648, tip is 0.017. How do i input that into easel when choosing bits?

Example 2: i have a 15 degree engraving bit with a 0.005 tip width, how deep should i set it, and again, how do i input this all into easel choosing bits?

Wish i knew how to add pictures to my post here so i could show you my project, but i cant figure out how.

I suggest you just use V bits and Easel Pro.
I don’t think Easel has the option of entering flat tip dimensions.
Other options are possibly Fusion 360 (free version with steep learning curve)
V Carce desk top from Vectric about $349.00. Well worth the money.
Actually Bill Blades is selling his software, just posted yesterday.