What went wrong with this carve?

Any ideas why this carve got so screwed up? I carved an almost identical plaque before this one and it came out great. I set everything up in Easel the same way but right off the bat I noticed that the carving wasn’t complete in certain areas and the stars look like the material was melted and the edges of the text got all fuzzy and the carving wasn’t as deep.

I’m carving .75" PVC boards using a two stage carves. The first carve uses a 1/8" double flute straight end mill and it’s cuts were pretty smooth with little fuzziness. The detail bit is a 20 degree 1/4" and that’s where the problems started.

I’ve used this bit maybe 4-5 times and the results. Do you think it’s dull or could the tip be broken (it’s hard to see but the tip is flat)? Could it be a problem with the PVC? Any thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated.

Did you change your speeds or feeds?

Yep! After trial and error it turned out my feedrate was wrong.

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