What would you call this type of design work

What would you call this type of design work. I have been trying to find designs like this on google images all day but not having much luck20180117_151654

Try this search:


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Try filigree screen designs.

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Art Nouveau or arabesque, depending on the style you want — as @RobertBeattie noted, and image search adding “screen design” will find them pretty easily.

If you’ve got a nice square photo they’re easily drawn up — just figure out the repeat, then draw one section and dupe / rotate as needed.


Thanks guys and gals .
@ErikJenkins ye most of the designs I have seen are like them. I need something with more simple roundy curved shapes

@RobertBeattie cheers. I have tried lots of searches with screens think Im just missing a key word. @KimberlyFranzen I think I’m hetting there with filigree .
Thanks for all the suggestions

I would start here… Google images… “trivet pattern wood”

and if you use the “advanced search” in google images and select .svg for file type… you will uncover some gems…

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Thanks for all the help guys. Sorry for the late reply. I’m going to search all termsas soon as I get home from work.