Whatever happened to this idea?

I came across this article while researching the TB6600 4 axis controller/driver board and was wondering if anyone knew what became of this test project. http://blog.inventables.com/2015/01/tb6600-stepper-driver-shield.html

It likely developed into the X Controller.

It appears likely that the Xcontroller was the next step of that. Considering it uses the TB6600 and does everything that blog post mentions.

This happened

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Originally, I was thinking of a controller that would use four TB6600HG drivers wired to a Mach3 breakout board. Then I would use a UC100 adapter to connect my PC to the breakout board. However, the UC100 would require me to invest in the purchase of either Mach3 or UCCNC software. The TB6600 shield described in the blog post would replace the UC100, which would allow me to use grbl instead of Mach3 or UCCNC. This controller will drive four Nema 23 3A 425oz-in stepper motors (2 on the Y axis). When I saw the blog post I thought the TB6600 shield could be offered as a low cost, open source alternative to the UC100. I realize Phil Johnson’s controller does essentially the same thing, but this TB6600 shield might be a great way for people who already have a 3 axis Mach3 system to chuck the parallel port cable and connect with USB and grbl.

Parallel port cards are the usual way to connect a PC to a CNC breakout board. However, cards that reliably support Mach3 and g-code are getting hard to find and if you use a laptop, you’re SOL. Simple parallel to USB cables or adapters won’t work at all with CNC breakout boards due to the complexity of routing Mach3 and g-code signals from USB to a 25 pin connector. That’s why Mach3 users have to go with a UC100 adapter or an expensive USB or ethernet breakout board. Those products rout Mach3 and g-code signals to the correct pins. That’s why I thought this little TB6600 shield would be so attractive to the Mach3 crowd who have 3 axis machines.

This is for anyone who comes across this topic. Here is a way to connect to an old-style parallel port CNC controller with USB and grbl: https://www.tindie.com/products/Ron/grbl-to-db25-cnc-shield-with-arduino-uno-r3/?pt=ac_prod_search