What's everyone's favorite hearing protection for around the X-Carve?

Router noise for a short term doesn’t bother me much, but with the X-Carve I’m around it for an hour or more and that’s a bit much. What’s everyone’s favorite hearing protection?

3M Peltor H10A Optime earmuffs

Radio earmuffs, got them on sale from Home Depot a while back (http://smile.amazon.com/radio-Howard-Leight-Blocking-Earmuffs/dp/B00I193DB0/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1456115317&sr=8-11&keywords=radio+earmuffs).

They work great in the garage, and generally have good reception until the batteries start dying (the EM from the X-Carve starts kicking in and making more static). They also have a 3.5mm jack input, so I can run a cord with 3.5mm jacks on both end to my laptop and watch YouTube videos or listen to Pandora while I’m carving.

I have multiple sets of hearing protection in my shop. None of them are extremely expensive like some of the new fancy models. I have one set that has a built in radio and a mini jack input for headphones. For some reason the minijack only gives me Mono sound out of only one side. This aggravated me none the less since the radio plays out both sides.

I finally gave up on this option and just started using my plain Jane earmuffs/hearing protection used for Shooting and target practice. I added a set of in-ear ear buds, the ones that came with my iPhone, now I can listen to my tunes and never miss a call if my phone rings which lately has been important. This is a cheap option and works really well for me. As long as the small cords don’t bother you while sandwiched between your skin and the earpads.

Sorry, didn’t quite hear that question…

Pause the machine and Turn off the router then! :upside_down_face:

bought these at the horrible freight for idk 20 cents actually work quite good!!!

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Actually I do have approved hearing protection but I can just step out of the shed onto the back lawn to watch the carving, gets me away from the dust too.

Always check the hearing protectors for spiders - it’s an Australian thing.

Yikes, that could happen here as well, we suffer from excessive Brown Recluses. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Good thing I wear earbuds. Lol. Atleast the spider won’t be crawling into my ear canal. Lol

Disposable ear plugs. Keep them in your pocket while you’re working then chuck-em at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter if you lose them and they’re very cheap. For those folk living in hot climates, they’re much more comfortable than earmuffs and they’re cleaner.

Many moons ago, i used to wear both earplugs and earmuffs (at the same time) - and I’m still deaf as a post.

I’m not deaf, I just don’t care what most people have to say!

lg tone earbuds. they are for listening to music, but do a great job canceling noise. great sound quality too.

Either a pair of 3M Peltors, or a set of the foam stuff-in-ear plugs, depending on what I have handy. I carry two pairs of the foam plugs in my pocket all the time, I find them rather handy to have, so if the Peltors aren’t convenient, I just toss in the foam plugs. Out in the shop (as distinct from my indoor shop, where the X-Carve is) I use a set of Peltor TacSport electronic muffs.

I have these:

A cheep pair of hearing protection ear muffs from Harbor Freight. I put these on over my ear bud headphones whenever doing loud work.
Because I have a annoying habit of loosing track of them when I take them off I have 3 pair. :wink:
I keep one on the chop saw, one on the XC work table and one by the garage door so I always have a pair handy.

I also added a respirator (from Home Depot). I got this cough that would no go away I realized breathing saw dust for a few hours every night might be the culprit, and if not, it was not helping.
(the cough is now clearing up)

A nice insulated box :slight_smile:

I use this for extended carving periods and has been great so far http://m.harborfreight.com/multipurpose-nuisance-dust-mask-with-replaceable-liners-94222.html

I have a 3M mask I wear when I’m working in the shop, for more or less the same general reason. Breathing dust in general is bad for your lungs, sooooo… I opted for an organic-chemical filter set, with some N95 prefilters, so I can go straight from sanding to lacquer spraying without having to change masks. Just have to keep an eye on the prefilters so they don’t get too clogged, makes it tougher to breathe through.

I have a pair of Howard Leight Sync ear phones. You can plug your phone or other device in to them and listen to music or purchase a blue tooth receiver for about $20 more and use bluetooth to connect. I love them.

Amazon Howard Leight Sync

3M Worktunes that have AM/FM, Bluetooth, and line in. Can’t get the bluetooth to work for the life of me though. They acknowledge being paired but no joy…nothing coming through the ear pieces. Oh well, loud music or loud router…what a choice!