What's "the next big thing" for Inventables

Just Curious, what is “Up and Coming” for Inventables in regards to Products and Software. Is Easel Pro getting anything new, or Easel regular? Are there any new hardware products in the works? Has anyone heard anything?

I view Inventables as the Thingiverse of CNC. That said, I think that their website could use some upgrades. I would like to see better categorization and search-ability to the projects.

Thingiverse has projects where you can download G-code certified to produce good finished products on
their Maker-bot printers. It would be great if Inventables did the same. Then purchasers of their CNC machines would have a solid base of viable products to carve and sell.

As far as their machines go, I would like to see some stiffer machines with more power. Perhaps a bit lower price for the Carvey.

As far of Easel goes, it would be nice to have a workflow that would get you to 3D carving. Something like the ability to create 3D tool paths from a grey-scale height map or STL file.

I’m sorry I must not have been very clear, my bad. The question I am asking is not referring to what we want or wish for, but what is actually being planned by the Inventables team. Or if anyone has heard of any developments the Inventables team is working on…?

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I hope someone from Inventables sees this and gives an answer, I am excited to hear if there is anything new coming. About a year ago when they started Easel Pro I percieved that the software was going to continue to evolve into something great. I hope that is still the case. I really like the Inventables team and everything they do !

I’m not sure that this is exactly the right place to get the attention of Inventables. You might try reaching out to Maura at mo.stych@inventables.com She handles the newsletter and press releases. You might also try messaging JeffTalbot. If you’re near Chicago, you might inquire about dropping by.

Thanks for your opinion: Here is the definition stated for this catigory:
“Inventables is constantly introducing new and awesome products to make the business of making easier and more fun. We’ll introduce the new products here.”

Seems pretty much the right place to ask according to the Inventables folks who created this topic.

Hi @DonDespain - Jessie here at Inventables. We’re constantly introducing new and awesome products to make the business of making easier and more fun. We’ll introduce any new products or updates here on the forum!

Also, @JeffTalbot did announce some new features to Easel a couple of weeks ago in this post. Another option would be to sign up to be a beta tester for Easel at any time - here’s the thread about beta testing.

Thanks for reaching out!

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Thanks so much for the update ! Much love for the entire Inventables team, you are all aces !

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8-month old question, but what is the ‘next big thing’ around here? It doesn’t seem like Inventables is ‘inventing’ anything lately nor providing additional upgrades, etc for any current hardware.