Whats up with Easel?

Been having some strange cut paths in Easel lately. Doesn’t make any sense why it does this. This was just a complete pocket cut. The actual finished cut turns out right but sure scares you when it makes a path like this. Anyone else experiencing this?

Easel, you’re drunk. Go home! :laughing:


Sorry for the scare! Could you link the project this is happening on?

Here it is Eric

As you’ll see Eric, it also said the bit was to big to carve some of this. Definitely shouldn’t have been the case. Please advise. Thanks

Thanks! We’re looking into the issue

Oh yeah, I’ve been having a similar issue lately. I was cutting out an air diverter for my 611, and the toolpaths started looking like they were skipping every other concentric ring. It did complete the cut properly, and I thought the toolpath was actually quite pretty, but I could totally understand how one might worry if the cutter starts behaving like that with no warning.