When does Easel use the V-Bit Detail Step Over as opposed to Step Over setting?

I have a Sainsmart 3018 Pro CNC, and I am engraving signs with the included 20 degree 0.1mm bits.

My workflow is Inkscape(create SVG)=>Easel(Generate gCode)=>Cncjs(run the gCode).

My problem is that they take hours to complete. And most of the time it seems like the bit isn’t cutting anything. It’s just going back and forth over the same area. I assume this has to do with the stepover settings, so I’ve been adjusting those with no real change.

In the Machine=>Advanced Settings area there is a setting for Step Over and a setting for V-Bit Detail Step Over. When does Easel use one over the other? I assumed it would useV-Bit Detail Step Over if I selected a V-bit in the Cut Settings dialog. I have used values from 1%-15% and it still seems to take longer than it should.

I know this machine is weak compared to a real CNC, but it still feels like I’m doing something wrong.

For my current project I am using 1/4" Walnut veneered plywood and making engravings at 0.7mm deep.

Thanks for your time and Happy Thanksgiving.

If you are limiting cut depth to 0.7 mm and only using a V bit it will take some time for the fine point of a V bit to clear any text that has width.
You might want to try 2 stage carve so some area is cleared with an 1/16" end mill.


Can you share the project and the original svg?
If the vector has a lot of nodes, Easel might be treating those as corners and the v-bit will do a lot of “cleaning”.

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Thanks for the replies.

Here is the project: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/lJTDoPwS5zQBzNUId8zP2A

I’ve uploaded the .svg.


Can you elaborate on this?

I think I know what you mean by this. But I don’t have the experience to know how many nodes are too many.

Here’s a shot of part of my .svg in InkScape that shows the nodes.

Doesn’t look excessive.

You’ll need to share the Easel project publicly:
File–>Share–> Shared with link–>Save

Oops. Try this one: https://easel.inventables.com/projects/fdabHsk5C9SfG0SqND_KAQ

I don’t know anything about your CNC but I took your Easel file and ran it on my XCARVE, I kept everything you had the same except I changed the speed to 60 ipm, you had it at 30. I was working on something similar to what you’re doing. The bit I used is a 30 degree bit with a .005 tip. It took 17 minutes to complete.


Wow. I guess I need to get a real CNC. That looks great. My CNC is a cheapo unit I got to learn with, and I think its just showing its limitations.

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Thanks, did you get yours to work good? I didn’t run the 30 degree bit as a V bit, i just ran it like you had it set up at .5mm bit and it did ok.

It cuts out ok. It just takes a really long time. The spindle on my CNC is a cheap $15 thing with 1/8" shank bits, not a real router. So I might just be at the limits of how fast it can cut.

What wood are you using by the way?

Here is how mine are coming out.


Those came out good, I used a mahogany veneered plywood. The letters in yours come out good. How many do you have to make?

After I got through doing your piece I was playing around with things and I redrew the soccer ball in a single line so a bit could cut it out in a couple passes. I will attach the file, its the third page.

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15! One for each player.

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Do you have a link to the bit you used? I’m thinking about buying one.

No, a friend had an old manual engraver and these were some of his engraving bits that he gave me. They were 6" long and I cut them down to work. They don’t have a name on them. They’re probably over 40 years old.
Sorry I couldn’t help

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17 mins?? What were your feed rate, plunge rate. And depth per pass? I’ve used my 30 degree bit before it takes hours.

Feed rate was 60 ipm and plunge was 30, dpp was .028 but the total depth was .027 so it carved in one pass. I used the other setting for the V bit and used 30 degrees and .25" wide. The award was only 5.25" tall so it wasn’t very big.