When is Locktite needed?


Just got my kit today and have started the assembly.

I have been reading this stuff for weeks and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I see suggestions to use Locktite, (but not necessary on Nylon nuts.)

Should I put it on everything else? It seems like it can’t hurt, but I don’t want to screw up.

(Probably going to have a million questions over the next few days.)

Thanks in advance,


I ended up having to put locktite on all of the eccentric nuts, after one of the wheels fell off during a carve. If you decide to do it, take your time and do it right. I rushed on one and it sucked to fix lol.

Locktite on the set screws. You can use locktite on the esentric nuts or extra nylocks. Nylocs are easier to fix later but a bit of a pain to tighten but not that hard. Up to you.

Make sure you use the blue locktite as the red stuff will never undo.

However you should never use blue locktite with nylocks as Locktite is a weakened form of super glue and will melt the nylon. Making it impossible to undo.


Thanks a million!


Since you’re just starting assembly, I highly recommend the following 3 mods, definitely the first 2, even though you’ll have to order some more nylock nuts and more M5 bolts.
You can do them now, when it’s easy, or do them later, but…
The third one looks like a good idea, but I haven’t yet done it myself, so I guess I consider it optional.

30 minute x axis mod

Eccentric nut mod

z-axis mod

Good luck!


Hi Kelly

Thanks for the advice.

I actually bought all the stuff to do the x and y mods.

I really like the idea of the eccentric nut one, and I am going to do that now, and not wait.

As to the z-axis, it looks like a good idea, but I have to read it closer.

I’ve been going over this stuff fora couple of months, but without having seen one in person, I wasn’t really sure of tolerances, available space, what to expect etc. so I was afraid to over or under buy stuff.

The funny part is that Inventables sort of caught me short. I was taking my time, buying stuff like a new computer, software, bits, collets and so forth all over the place. Then I placed the order for the X-carve. The timing was supposed to be about 3 weeks. It only took 4 days.

Being one of the most impatient people in the world, I put my real work aside today and started it right away. I refuse to rush, so today I only did the X-controller as well as the x carriage and y plates.

Tomorrow real work, and then back to this on Friday. I am sure I will have a zillion questions in the meantime.

Thanks again,


I would consider assembling your machine without the mods. Getting it dialed in, get to know it, etc. Do some projects. Then, do the mods. Some of the variations on the original mods are crazy town. You will be better able to evaluate what type of x-carver you are after some experience and be better apt to discern between cray-cray recos and legit recos. For instance, there are members who are producing and selling aluminum parts on the forum. Their experimentation and evaluation was based on dire necessity. Early on, I benefited greatly by focusing on how their machines have evolved.

Check this out. The responses to this thread will help you: