When power ups,X-motor becomes very hot,and can't move

Electronics are all follow http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/step14/ . what can i do .

It sounds like a problem I have heard someone else have on the shapeoko forum. If i remember correctly in that instance the person had an exposed section of stepper motor cable touching another cable for that same motor. This causes a form of feedback that stops the motor from moving. Have you checked your wiring to ensure it is tidy and no areas are exposed and touching each other?

Hope this helps


I have checked the wiring and make sure the wiring no touching 。 Now,the X-motor and Y-motor are become very hot when power ups。 and include the gShield … hot too ,and become to hot by hot …

Maybe your current limits are set too high. Try turning the adjustment potentiometers down and see if that helps.

thank you @SimonPhelan @LarryM ; The problem about hot have solved .
gShield - X wiring is too close . :cold_sweat:

But I’ve got another problem , X-carve can only make 2D . And I want to carve 3D :confounded:

The xcarve is a 2.5D carving machine…

It can do 3D but that’s not supported by easel.

What’s software for xcarve to make 3D … and to be easy to use .

Give Aspire or MeshCAM a try. Both have trials.

I personally use MeshCAM because they have a Mac version.

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thank you @sketch42 , :flushed: I try MeshCAM . I use a MacBook.