When the router bit touches down the machine freezes

As anyone had problems with this in the past?

I’m running a 3018 Pro machine with Easel. everything was running fine when the machine decided just to stop moving along the X and Y axises. the spindle was still turning but everything else had frozen.

I cancelled the workpiece by pressing the X in the top right corner and the machine homed itself like it always does. so this told me that all the cables were connected properly as the X,Y and Z axises had to work for this to happen.

I restarted the machine and everything started as normal but as soon as the cutter was lowered into position and touched the workpiece it all froze once more as described above.

Does anyone know what the issue is and how do I fix it please?

You are probably hiring the z bottom switch as its lowering, should be able to see the switch light come on… you can resolve this by lowering the spindle in its clamp or my lifting the workpiece worth a mdf spoilboard place placed under it.

Sounds like an EMI issue.

I don’t know many hobby CNCs with lower z limits, but hard limits are generally a bad idea without proper precautions to ensure you’re not getting false triggers.
@KevinRider Can you share your Grbl settings?
Are you running the standard little spindle on that machine?

Sainsmart 3018prover

FoxAlien 4040 (there’s like 4 variations, they all have it)

Sainsmart 4030xl

These are the best selling desktop cnc brands right now & I started with a 3018 (the same kind the OP noted as having). Need more examples?

Ha! Yes, please.

Did you use Hard Limits on that machine? Never had EMI issues?

I’m sure you can run a google search well enough to find some more. :+1:

Hi SethCNC. I managed to work out the problem. it was to do with the software. i needed to turn off the PC and Turn it back on again. then it worked fine. i just had to run through the whole cycle again lol