Where are all the Shapes?

Hey All,
Are shapes missing from the sidebar selector? If not, do we have the ability to add them? Kinda bummed that there are only 4…

Hey Brian, if you select the lego button on the left there are apps, including a polygon generator.
You could also pull some shapes from the Design Library by clicking the Apple button on the left as well…

Was there a particular shape(s) you were you looking for?


Hi Seth,
I was just wondering why more standard (basic) shapes aren’t kept in the sidebar, where other basic shapes are? It just seems like a natural location for them…
-See screenshot below-

Screenshot 2023-01-20 140443

… I don’t know what is meant by “standard (basic) shapes” can you provide example(s) of the desired shapes

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One I have interest in would be a pie shape (1/4).
John P

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Hey Seth,

Lets take a stroll over to this site i like, called Google… because I’m not really sure if you’re being serious, or being a jerk?

I know you have a YouTube channel, In fact I’m one of your 4K subscribers.
With that being said, and the fact that you produce video tutorials on this subject, I’m surprised and disappointed by your response. You could have used a literal second to search what I’m talking about but you choose to be ignorant. Maybe next time you could actually look something up before commenting on a post.


Not trying to be a jerk.
I was trying to understand what what shape(s) you want to make within easel, not what the google search image results were.

That said, all of the results you have showing there can be made using the shapes included in the shape tool OR a modification to them (stretching a circle makes an oval, a parallelogram is an askew rectangle, diamond a diagonally stretched square for a few examples) OR by using the polygon generator app one can make additional sided shapes…

I guess I should have simply replied to the initial post with a “no, none are missing. And no, you cannot add to them” and called it a day?

I thought I might have been helping by directing to the polygon generator in case you were unaware of its existence of that tool and I was also trying to clarify what shape you were unable to make in order to better assist without assuming what shapes you wanted to make based on a google result (specific to images).


If I understand correctly, it looks like the first result of this pro design library search would work.

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Maybe… If that’s the correct answer. I’m not really sure how everything here works yet. Maybe that could be requested in a future update?