Where are these files please?

I’ve been trying to find a diagram for the 1000m waste board, and the drag-chain bracket that does NOT go on the gantry. I’ve clicked on the links for both the 500 and the 1000mm boards in the assembly instructions (down in the "work area"section) and I get “you don’t have permission” even though I’m signed in.

I went through all the pdf files in grabcad, had to because the titles are just numbers with no idea of what is behind them. I did not find a 1000mm wasteboard. I found an 18" one. My metric conversion is lousy. I’m not sure if 18" is 500mm or half a furlong, but I’m sure it’s not 1000mm.

And I need to know what drag-chain bracket will go on the side, not the gantry. I made one today for the gantry (looks like pdf 14058). I thought I had the plans for the side one - pdf 14054 - but then when I read the instructions they showed something entirely different.

Help with one or both of these would be appreciated.


Check out this post for the files on the waste board:

Thanks. I had found that file earlier via google, but since it was from last year and said “shapeoko 2” I wasn’t sure it was the same thing.

Any idea about which bracket I need to be making?

There are 3 side brackets.

  • The top one on the end of the gantry left Y-plate 14058 that receives the end of the gantry drag chain.
  • The bottom one on the left Y-plate 14059 that starts the side drag chain
  • The bracket that receives the side drag chain 14060 at the end near the front left Y-Axis end plate

Thanks again. I saw the 14059/60 when I was going through the pdfs, but they just said angle bracket and I was looking for “XXX drag chain bracket” since that’s how 14058 was labeled.
At least they look like they’ll be a lot quicker to make than 14058 - just a few holes and a bend.