Where can i find a ugc

i need a universal g-code sender

@GideonWaldner Here’s the link:

Scroll down to the Downloads section…I recommend using the 2.0 Nightly builds version.

Just in case you have issues w/ Java, there’s a list of other Communication / Control programs here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Communication_/_Control

and a link to a page which you may find helpful for the former: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Universal-G-Code-Sender


I’ve been using 1.0.8 and have had a lot of problems with wild cuts and jogs without end. Also I’ve had my machine slamming itself when I do finish a successful cut and hit the return to home button.

Are these types of things fixed in the 2.0 nightlies?

Those problems will most likely not be solved with 2.0. It sounds more like a machine zero issue.

I set zero and occasionally when I tell it to return to zero it goes in random directions, instead of toward zero-zero-zero. Is the return to zero a function of UGCS or does the Arduino and GShield just get a command to return to zero and it decides how to get there?

I should say, sometimes it works fine and other times it goes wild. Same when I jog. Some times it jogs and sometimes it just keeps running in that direction until I hit the soft reset button in UGCS,

If you have not read the Post from @PatrickRainsberry

about how different zero positions work I highly recommend it.

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i downloaded UniversalGcodeSender-v1.0.7.zip how do i open it

Once you download and unzip the file, double click the .jar file. That will open up UGS.

how do i unzip it

If you are using widows just double click the ZIP file and then click on the Extract all button