Where did 'workpieces' go?

Pardon me if I sound insane, but… where did the ‘workpieces’ windows go? Was there a software change, or am I stuck inside a strange time/space continuum again? There were always the little windows at the bottom of the screen with the blank one to the right having a “+” in it. I’d click that, open a new workpiece, copy the original, drop it in, and make my changes without losing my original.

those ‘workpieces’ windows (at the bottom) are not on my screen. Do I need to click onto something to make them appear? I watched the various Inventables videos as well as the videos on youtube - including Seth’s. All of the videos say to just click on that “+” and make the second workpiece. What does one do when those little windows are nonexistent at the bottom of the screen?

Can you get a screenshot of your window?

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the ‘workpieces’ windows were always in what shows as blue screen at the bottom on my screen. And for clarification, if I scroll up/down, or right/left, they are nowhere to be found.



I figured it was a dumb question.

I truly appreciate the help!!