Where do i find the cabinet maker app in easel pro

I have easel pro and i cannot find the cabinet maker app or 3d app anywhere please help

The apps can be accessed by clicking the Lego icon on the left side within Easel.
STL import isn’t an app, but this feature can be used by selecting the bottom icon of that key array of icons where the Lego button is.

Also you can hover the mouse over these buttons for a text explanation of their functions.

Here’s the write up on using the STL import feature. And there are also more tutorial videos on YouTube.

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The CabinetMaker found in Easel Pro is still in Beta. You need to follow this link which is also found on the CabinetMaker Page to join the Beta

Sign up for CabinetMaker

Easel CabinetMaker Page

There is also a simplified version which you will find within Easel Pro in the App’s Menu.

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