Where do I get a "Post Processor" For Laser Etch?

I’m trying to import gcode file from laser etch into Easel. Easel is asking for the code to be run thru a Post Processor. Where can I find this?

The best thing to do is get Picsender, it works perfect for laser and spindle Gcode. I don’t think Easel is setup for laser.


I use UGS when I run a laser file. Easel is not really for running laser code as it can become very large and most (i.e. all) web browsers have a file size limit (for security reasons) that they can buffer. so you can run laser code with easel but not very large files (most laser engrave g-code is too large) but you are better off learning and using UGS or another program that can handle it. I don’t run windows with the x-carve and picsender won’t run on Linux (Raspberry Pi). I have excellent results with UGS and they have tutorials on how to use it with the laser programs on the J-Tech site.