Where do you buy your materials locally?

I am looking for any stores that might sell plastics/woods for use in my xcarve? I found home depot has a small selection of acrylics, but not much. I need to check my local Westlake’s Ace hardware still. I don’t mind ordering from inventables, but would like to have the option to buy and not pay for shipping if possible.

Find a counter top installer near you, they will have tons (literally) of Corian, Quartz and other very millable acrylic polymer materials. They will usually be very happy to sell you the sink cut outs and other cut off’s for a very reasonable price. I have purchased it for as low as $2 sq/ft in bulk.

You can also check out the sign shops in your town, some will sell the cut off’s of the sign materials they use (like Precision Board). Even the cut off’s will be relatively expensive compared to wood, but it is a great material to work with.

I know it sounds odd, but I’ve bought a lot of wood on ebay. Even with shipping the costs have been reasonable. I also found a mill there that will let me custom-size kiln dried hardwood.

Are you anywhere near Detroit, Michigan?

Nope. Much farther south.

Cool, awesome idea. Pretty sure I have a few of those pretty close to me. I’ll call around later and ask.

Do you have a link to the custom size hardwood seller?

You can also check you local steel supplier like Alro steel, they deal in acrylic and what not. Also any local industrial supply such as Grainger, MSC etc

I have a place local to me that does metals and aluminum by the foot. So I luckily have all that covered at great prices. I’ll check grainger cause I think I have one pretty close to me.

I usually get my Baltic Birch plywood from Woodcraft. I get the 10" x 10" sheets which are relatively inexpensive.

The Michaels craft store near me sells Baltic birch plywood 1/16 to 3/4 inch in 1 foot by2 foot pieces. My wife seams to always have a coupon for 50% off.

Home Depot sells 3/4" Birch Plywood in 4x8 sheets for about $50, my Home Depot will cut into 8 2 foot square pieces for free so each 2 foot square piece in only $6.25

If there are any Detroiters here, I’ve gotten wood from Rockler in Royal Oak and WoodCraft in Canton, they usually have discounted peices as well as normal stock of hardwoods and exotics. Also found stuff some nice wood at yard sales and estate sale. I use Baltic birch plywood allot too, for that it’s worth the drive to Toledo Plywood in Toledo.
Price list from their web site:
1/8 5 x 5 G1S Baltic Birch $8.95
1/4 5 x 5 G1S Baltic Birch $10.95
1/4 4 x 8 G1S Baltic Birch $19.95
3/8 5 x 5 G2S Baltic Birch $13.95
1/2 5 x 5 G2S Baltic Birch $15.95
1/2 4 x 8 G2S Baltic Birch $33.95
5/8 5 x 5 G2S Baltic Birch $19.95
3/4 5 x 5 G2S Baltic Birch $24.95
3/4 4 x 8 G2S Baltic Birch $47.95

Not a detroiter but a Flintstone here

Sure. This is their Ebay link and their website.


Local plastics place, I buy scraps by the pound.