Where exactly is Home position?

When placing your bit ‘Home’ where is the actual reference point? Center of your bit, top right, top center of your bit, etc.

I know this is a basic question, but recent projects have left me wondering as I’m not sure where exactly the Home reference point is at. I assumed center of the bit, but I’m unsure if that is the actual case. Any insight?

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The center of the bit is what the software measures from, so if you set the zero to be in the lower left corner then the very center of the bit should be directly on the corner of the material.

It is sometimes easier for me to move the bit so that the edge is even with the edge of the material then I use the jog controls to move the bit half the diameter left and forward to get the center where it needs to be (when exact accuracy is important)

This method is also good to use when you are using two or more different diameter bits on the same project and need a very good alignment zero between them.

Great point - thank you! Move to the edge with a 0.125" bit and then jog 0.0625", didn’t think of that before.
Also thanks for the clarification on where home is located.

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I second what @AllenMassey said, and I add this… if you really want an accurate tool path then measure the bit you are cutting with and use that measurement in Easel for the bit size.

It may say that the bit is 1/8" on the package, but you may find that more often than not, the bit will not measure to be .125"… that being said, the above still applies. Move the bit to line up with the edge of the material and then jog it out by 1/2 the width of the bit, whatever that measurement is.

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