Where to buy bits?

Any input will be very much appreciated.

I get most of my end mill at Enco.

Try Drillman1 on Ebay, or you can search this forum there is a section about bits people using.


I echo the other Alan – I’ve bought twice from Drillman1 and have been quite happy with the results.

Long post already exists with many suggestions here Link

Thanks Brian, I couldn’t find link to give him. I forgot it was your link. :slight_smile:

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I send request to Drillman1 for stocking 1/4" shank bits, V-Bits and different sizes Ball headed bits. Let see if they start selling. I told them about your post and good feed backs.

Any suggestions for bits in Canada?

I had to start buying 6mm shank bits, for some reason there is a larger selection of them than 1/4 inch.

6 mm is 15/64 I think. How do you use it. Is it fitting 1/4" colette.?

The 6mm is .236 inches so about .014 smaller than the 1/4 inch. That is enough of a difference that the 6mm collet is required, But the prices of the 6mm bit is so much less it pays for the cost of the collet.

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Ditto for my small bits. I’ve been buying router bits from MLCS for many years and have been getting v-bits for my SO2 from them.

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I have a bunch of 6mm bits that I use in my 1/4 colett and put a small piece of electrical tape around the bit and the collet will tighten around it. It has worked well over 100 cuts while running the 611 at full speeds. I was kind of iffy about it at first.

. :slight_smile:

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Just bought a really cheap 6mm spoil board cutter.

MLCS sells good bits at reasonable prices. That’s the reason I buy from them. Compare prices before you comment.

I did compare, we’re talking about $3 bits for hobby use. I’m blind, if you please find 1/8 Shank .125 Down cut two flute spiral bit on that side sells for $3.

I’ve used drillman1, who has some real cheap endmills that are good as a default choice, and I don’t worry too much about breaking them. He also has the Viper endmills for aluminium. Those are expensive but very good. I have one that has been through a lot of mistakes on my part and hasn’t broken or dulled yet.

Also I have had good luck with onlinecarbide.com for odd bits like chamfer mills for aluminium or thread mills.

I just tried these guys (http://stores.ebay.com/carbide-shop) to get some 8mm endmills for aluminium.

Finally McMaster Carr is great when I need something right away.

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If you read my post, I said I get my small bits from drillman1 on ebay; i.e., 1/8" and smaller. I don’t recall seeing anything that size on MLCS, but they do have 1/4" v-bits that work fine for v-carving.

!!! Sorry man you were the one who recommend Drillman earlier. I take my Comment, just leave Smiley face there.