Where to buy plastic end mill containers?

UPDATE 1: Read what I found so far here.

UPDATE 2: See this post for a quoted price on these types of containers.

UPDATE 3: See this post about PreciseBits.com, a reseller of the Rose Plastic cases.

Because I am transporting my end mills a lot, I am interested in buying the storage containers (see the attached picture: ) the Inventables End Mills ship in and surprisingly have not been able to find where I can buy these. Specifically I am looking for containers that fit 3/16", 1/4", and 1/8" end mills. If anyone knows where to easily get these (preferably within the US) please let me know.

Maybe something like this from Drillman1


Or Email him and ask if he has tubes for sale

I have one of those from drillman…these are only for 1/8" bits and the bits have to have a collar as the holes go all the way through.

Good to know

So after some digging around I happened to find this company which may be the manufacturer of the cases: Rose Plastic

Here is the product from the website that looks to be the same case:
TopPack_DB_US.pdf (441.1 KB)

Now I just have to find out how to get these without buying them in bulk. I will post back with anything I find. UPDATE: See this post for a quoted price.

McMaster Carr has EVERYTHING.
U line probably has them too.

I think @cncrockstar was on the right track. Give these a look.

Here is the quoted price I got from Rose Plastic:

I just found out you can buy the Rose Plastic containers from PrecisionBits.com with a minimum order of $50. They also sell 10-Bit Packs and 50-Bit Packs.