Which Bit?

I am a brand new baby X-Carve user. I am looking to replicate this cutting board on my X-Carve. .02 depth with a similar font but creating my own design.

I have tried a 1/32" upcut and a 1/16" upcut. Neither of them carved out perfectly.

What bit would you recommend to achieve this look?

NOTE: I realize this cutting board was probably laser engraved. Not interested in the two-tone finished, just the depth of cut for fonts like that.

Thank you!

V-bit might work well, its good for fine detail.

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Any particular degree? 90, 60, 30?

Depends on the design, but I use 60 for most things. Get yourself a high quality 60 and a 90.


What exactly do you mean by this? Expectations, choice of material used, etc all play a part. Almost every single carve regardless of material or bit will leave behind edges that need cleaning up, sanding, etc.

I am assuming you want a flat bottom shallow carve.
You might want to try a 2-stage carve using a 1/8’ then 1/16”. If it shows parts not carved, then you may need to go to a 1/32 for the second bit.

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