Which bits for which materials?

Hello good peeps, I’m new to the X carve and was wondering which bits I need for my jobs?, at the moment I’m only making woodworking jigs out of mdf, ply and pine and only using the supplied bits that came with the superpack which are all 1/8, just need some advise on other bits I can buy, oh and I’m from the UK so purchasing stuff is limited unless I order from out of country.
Thanks in advance peeps…

Everytime I search it comes up with bits from America and China, I’m looking for UK only bits.

@DarrenWeston Hey,

It is a bit harder to find good bits in the UK. I tended to use Whiteside bits from https://www.routercutter.co.uk/ when i need a good quality cut. For MDF i tended to use a cheap bit from Amazon, you will need to get hold of a 1/4" to 1/8" adapter or collet from the US (I couldn’t source one in the UK).

As a rule i’d use downcut for Plywood and upcut for almost everything else.

Hope that helps. Sourcing bits in the UK is a lot harder, even getting material is harder. the US peeps don’t know how good they’ve got it. :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thank’s Alex
When I got the XCarve I ordered everything so got all the different size collet’s, I’ve just ordered 1/8 straight cut 2 flute bits from Robosavvy (UK stockist) but got to wait 4-6 weeks to ship from USA, all I make atm is woodwork jig’s so don’t need the fine bit’s, that comes later when I delve in 3d.

As a bonus I just tried a standard 1/4 straight bit from my hand held router and it cut a perfect chip-less square out of ply, hope I can use these and don’t break the cnc…

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Check out Phils threads on tips. He and others have outlined the bits to use and speeds/feeds. I have it bookmarked. :slight_smile:
I myself like the Whiteside and the bits you can get from Toolstoday.