Which Bits to Order

I’m looking to purchase the X-Carve and I notice it doesn’t come with bits, with all the selections there are is there any certain ones I should purchase first or should I just go ahead and buy them all now. I see the machine comes with a 1/8 Collet for the Makita Router. I am pretty new at this whole CNC deal so I am not sure if need to buy just 1/8 bits or can 1/4 bits be used as well.

Any advice on what is a good starting point on what bits to buy would be appreciated.
I am mostly looking to carve/cut on wood. Lettering, signs, and some 3d carvings.

The Makita Router itself includes the 1/4" collet in addition the 1/8" collet is included so you will receive both sizes.
Personally I’d stick with budget bits to learn the cnc with before you decide to buy higher-end bits. I actually still buy cheaper bits because the ROI is better with them than more expensive bits…
Spetools are some of the cheapest out there, I’d pickup some 1/8" endmills and tapered ball bits for 3d relief carving as well.