Which dust shoe to buy?

Good Morning Guys!
I am looking at getting a premade dust shoe. I know there is a couple around. These are the ones I am currently looking at below. Is there a reason why i should pick one over the other? I guess I am liking the Suck It at this point. I have a xcarve 1000m with a dewalt 611. I have a dust Collector I got from Freight Harbor. I thought I would post this before I place my order.

https://www.etsy.com/search?q=dewalt%20611 (fraction of the price but I haven’t seen nothing on the forums for these. This i know is not the same quality)

Other option I guess is if someone has something they would want to make me for a price?

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I have the suckit and love it.
Great people to do business with too.

good afternoon in my personal opinion nothing is better than doing things yourself is my opinion?

Thanks for your two responses. Still trying to figure it out. Everyones dust shoe projects kinda make the threads so confusing lol