Which Font did I use?

I did a carve project and really liked the font I used (it was one included with Easel) and have a request for another project using the same font.
QUESTION: how does one open a project and select and confirm which font was actually used?

If you still have the first file in easel open it and highlight the font in it. Click on shapes and down toward the bottom it will say fonts and the font you used should be in there.

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I’m not seeing it listed anywhere…and unless I’m missing something, there’s no way to select text and replace one font with another.

I found the description of the font…now to be able to select it and change it without re-typing the whole thing

I guess i am not sure what you are trying to do.

Haha…I didn’t do a great job of explaining, but you actually helped me more than you realize. Once I figured out where you were referring to in order to be able to see the font name; I then realized I could select the font and get a drop-down to change the font all at once.
I know it’s rather confusing with the way I’m probably explaining, but you were able to assist whether you realize or not.
Thanks for taking the time to review and reply to my original post.