Which is the better Investment: Time to Learn Fusion 360 or Pay for Vectric Vcarve Desktop/Pro?

I am wanting to expand the capabilities of what I want to make with my x-carve and likely start experimenting with V-carve and 3D carving. Over the long haul am I better off spending the time to learn Autocad Fusion 360 or spending the money ($350-$700) on V-carve Desktop or Pro? Feel free to ask me follow-up questions to think about.


Go to this page and view as many tutorials as time permits. Just choose the product you want to investigate.

You can also download trial versions which will let you do your own designs, you just cannot generate G-code until you purchase a license.


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I’m in the same position. Fusion 360 has a big leaning curve, at least for me. Download the trial for Vcarve desktop, go through the first 10 or so tutorials. You can make 3 or 4 projects with the trial. I can’t wait to buy it! I think Fusion 360 would be better (more powerful) once learned but what if after spending all the time to learn it they stop offering it for free?

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Try Aspire. It does 3D modeling and while it’s pricey, it’s worth it. Think V-Carve Pro on steroids.


While I would love to learn to do the 3D modeling one day it would likely be using other folks models.

Do you use V-carve for everything (2D and 3D) or do you use Easel for some things and V-carve for others? If so when do you use Easel over V-carve?

I am just curious. I am in awe of the projects I see you post.

@nogeel I really think it depends on the project. What types of projects are you trying to make. If I need to design a part for a custom built machine, I’m using Fusion 360. If I need to carve a moose relief into a sign, I’d go elsewhere. I am much more familiar with the 3d modeling programs like Fusion.


Don’t forget about Autocad Artcam, it is a real 3D editor/creator like Aspire. You can lease it for about $30 per month. It has about the same learning curve as the Vectric software.


My challenge with Artcam is the renting side of things. For a one year cost of Artcam I could own vCarve Desktop. It looks cool, but the lack of owning is what pushes me away from it. Sounds like I just need to start saving up for V-carve and get Desktop first and then upgrade to pro as time goes on.