Which "material" should I use for MDF?

The title pretty much says it all. Which “material” should I use in Easel if I’m cutting MDF on my X-Carve?

I was wondering this as well the other day.

Hey guys, we’ve been talking about adding MDF we were just discussing what settings to use. It is way softer to cut than any material we have up there, I’d say you could try doubling the depth per pass on the default birch material and see how that works.

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How about adding pine and popular as well?

Would it possible to have the ability to save custom materials? I think this would be a great addition to Easel!


If you change the settings of your current material, those settings will be saved along with the project. However, they don’t stay there if you change to a different material and change back, so it isn’t really a long term solution.

Easel now includes settings for MDF!


I demand that every new Easel feature be announced with this animation!!!