Which post processor

Ok, so I ordered the 750 Xcarve with Vectric desktop software.
its my understanding that I still need a “post processor”
which is the best one to get?
(I told you I was a newbie)

The post processor will be in the V Carve software when you generate the G Code. You can choose grbl or X Carve. I believe both work well.

You need to download the easel processor the xcarve processor that vectric comes with doesn’t work. At least for me anyways.

The post processors are here: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/aspire

The “X-Carve” PP works great for UGS.
The “Easel” PP works for Easel.
If you try to use the "Easel"PP in UGS or the “X-Carve” PP in Easel. You’ll have a bad day.

My plan is to use vectric desktop only.
I cannot be tied to the internet with easel.

You will need something to send the g code to the x carve. V-Carve cannot do this. You can use Easel, UGS, or Picsender. There are more but these are the most popular. If you use UGS you will use the X-Carve PP.

Ricks very much correct. Vectric products are design programs. You will need a sender/control program to go with it. If you decide on UGS. May I suggest you find the nightly build version. It’s the most stable.