Which stepper motor is Y1 and Y2?

Hi Forum, first post!

At the wiring stage on my X-Carve 1000, and trying to figureout which is the Y1 stepper and which is the Y2 stepper!!!
Looking front on at the spindle, I’d presume Y1 is on my left… Is that correct?

thanks in anticipation
Aussie Pete

I dont have the exact answer to your question but in practical terms it doesn’t matter :slight_smile:slight_smile :slight_smile:
As long as they both run, and in the same direction you are good.

thanks Haldor, perhaps you are right, I shall wait and see if anyone knows definitevely :slight_smile:
cheers Pete

I have a ox cnc with a x-controller and just in the calibration stage, and wired the ox cnc to be the same as a x-carve. I wired the left motor looking from the front as Y Motor1 and right motor as Y Motor 2.

mucho many thanks Jady, that answers my question methinks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Angus, wonderful post and response, thank you mate!

Could not have asked for a better answer from INventables Support even if I had tried.

Love the forum already lol, and thank you all who have contributed to this question :slight_smile:

Aussie Pete