Who spams the projects page?

What spammer saw there was a project section of the investable page and thought let me post fake spam projects with links to stuff like video game hacks.

I don’t even look at the projects page anymore. Too much bs to sort through.

its a shame. It was one of the deciding factors for me when buying a X Carve.

I like the project page. It nice to see the creativity of the forum members

I gave up on the projects long ago since every time I found a good one I liked there was no file just pictures or not shared correctly and sorting through or searching is next to impossible. or at least it was havent been back in a while so dont know how it is these days. Seemed great in concept but poor in execution.

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It seriously needs a moderator to keep it organized and spam free… several people have offered…including myself.

They need to add a search function almost like thingiverse.com. Please Inventables consider making a search function and a top rated or top downloaded designs.


It would be nice if the project page was listed by recent projects first… :slight_smile:

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yeah I don’t think that its really spammers I think its to easy to get listed to the projects page almost anyone can do it idk personally I welcome all projects just to see and gather ideas

Projects need to be searchable by name, I would upload a lot more of my projects if people could look them up by name.