Why does the g code file on v carve not match in easel?

The problem I have is that my project that I want to cut is in a different position on the Easel screen. It’s about half an inch too high. How do I change this? I have downloaded the latest updates but it’s still the same. I’m not good with tech stuff so layman’s terms please help

can you add images of the vcarve vs easel discrepancy.

I’m kinda guessing the issue/concern here and I believe what you may be seein differently is that once the gcode is saved the resulting file will only show toolpaths. where as in Vectric it shows the entire workpiece setup including any unused perimeter area, where as once the gcode file is opened in Easel it only shows the toolpath and IF you’ve used front left as the Origin (aka X,Y zeros) then that is part of the toolpath since it must start and end there SO the preview will show a border at the front and left but not the rear and right. BUT this is all based on my thoughts on what I think the concern is, if this doesn’t appear to address the concern and explain it then adding the photos may be the next step.

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