Why doesn't the material size automatically carry over?

I was just out in the shop making a few clocks. My initial layout was done on a 10" square board, but I found that my actual board size was a little different. SO, to make sure everything lined up when I had to flip the part to mill the pocket for the clock movement, I went into the Easel program, clicked Machine and entered my work area. (I do this to help center to the material in the layout pane). I forgot to update it on the live preview dimensions or, Material Dimensions, I suppose.

That lead to my cutout being about 1/2" off center and ruining the piece I was working on .

My question is why does the Machine area dimension not automatically carry over to the preview side? I know it’s labeled Work Area vs. Material Dimensions, but this is a cumbersome extra step to me in setting up my jobs. Can a toggle be added to carry the dimensions over from one side to the other? That way if you don’t want both to be the same, you can un-check that option?

Don’t change your work area for each project. That is for the size of your machine.
Set your material dimensions.

I guess that would be the better option. I suppose I didn’t realize the difference. Thanks!