Why is Easel web based and not stand alone?

This is probably a stupid question but why can’t Easel be a stand alone program without the need for internet?
I’m probably wrong here also but I look at web based applications as being simple and weak compared to stand alone software.

What happens if you are doing a 5 hour job and your internet provider craps out? Is the GCode saved on your computer and sending it or is it being sent across the internet?

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Being web-based allows Easel to be accessed by anyone on any machine. It allows us to make improvements quickly and get them out to everyone instantly. Web technology (including 2D / 3D graphics, real-time communication and threaded execution) is bringing web apps closer and closer to native. Easel is like an app where the browser is the operating system.

The g-code is generated by your browser and sent directly to the local sender on your machine, which doles out the instructions to the machine over time. The g-code is all local to your machine, no internet is needed to keep a carve running.


Thanks for the explanation.