Why is my XCarve not following it's paths

I just set up my xcarve. By Just, I mean after a week of putting it together.

It always starts fine, but then jogs itself off course.

Just had a board that was 45 minutes into cut, coming out great. Dremel lifted, then went to next cut and instead of starting a straight line where it was supposed to, it went way left and wanted to leave the board.

Everything started where it was supposed to. I have yet to create something that this doesn’t happen on.

I adjured depths, and speeds, but nothing works.

Any help?

I may have found the problem. There was a loose wheel. Trying another test pass

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Yup, loose wheel and tightened a belt and boom. Seems good to go!

I love how I am answering my own thread too. LOL

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This forum is awesome, glad someone was able to give you the right answer.


me too! haha