Why is this steping to the left?

it worked fine on the test carve, now it has starting moving to the left. where should I start looking first.
1000 mm xcarve, dewalt 611, 1/4 2 flute up bit,

I will check the belts tomorrow, as far as the potentiometers I an running the x controller probably not that.

In the photo it looks like the carve is deeper on one side?
Check to make sure your spindle and bit are square to the work surface.
Do you have the 1000? If so you will really need to do one of the stiffing mods.

Yes I have the 1000, done all the stiffing mods. Everything worked fine until last night, The carve moved to left every time it would start at a new depth,

That sounds like something shipping / missed steps.
Check your pulley set screws.
Then belts and V wheels.
You may need to bump your motor current, but my bet is the pulley.

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well I checked all the belts, pulleys, v wheels and couldnt find anything off. Then I checked the y axis it was off by a little more than a1/4 inch. It is amazing the amount that one side can be off from the other just by bumping it. I hope this fixes it.

Well this is baffling, it steps to the left every second depth drop until the last 9 mm it cuts fine.

I had a week last week where the cut kept going off from the “plans” in the end I found that a chip on the gshield was warming up too much and losing steps, so an additional fan was added (I just had exhaust fan) so another fan was added blowing cold air in. Problem solved.
fingers crossed!

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That is very odd, it almost sounds like a software issue.
Try air cutting and see if it does it?

You can best eliminate the idea of a software problem, by looking at the G-Code. Generate the G-Code (follow the “Advanced” link, under the Machine tab), open it in a text editor (such as MS Word, Notebook, etc.) and look for your Z moves, using your text editor’s “Find” tool. It should be relatively easy to identify the Z axis move that begins each circle. The X and Y values after each Z should be identical to the previous layer.
Z -0.10
X 2.387 Y 1.454
Z -0.15
X 2.387 Y 1.454
[.,…] and so on. If they’re identical, the problem is downstream of the software.

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Are the ‘steps’ only on one side of the hole? Check that your spindle/bit is square to the surface. I’m suspicious that it is tilted, so that the bottom of the bit points into that wall. For the bottom 9mm, the upper portion of the bit begins to act like a pattern bearing.

yes the steps are one side and I checked the z for square and it was good with no play. Well i went through and found all the Z- this is what i see

Z-1.016 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-2.032 F228.6 G1 X56.928 Y104.956

Z-2.032 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-3.048 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-4.064 F228.6 G1 X56.928 Y104.956

Z-4.064 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-5.080 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-6.096 F228.6 G1 X56.928 Y104.956

Z-6.096 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-7.000 F228.6 G1 X58.575 Y56.271

Z-7.112 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-8.128 F228.6 G1 X57.614 Y105.193

Z-8.128 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-9.144 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-10.160 F228.6 G1 X57.614 Y105.193

Z-10.160 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-11.176 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-12.192 F228.6 G1 X57.614 Y105.193

Z-12.192 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-13.208 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-14.224 F228.6 G1 X57.614 Y105.193

Z-14.224 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-15.240 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-16.256 F228.6 G1 X57.614 Y105.193

Z-16.256 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

Z-17.000 F228.6 G1 X51.755 Y59.432

here Untitled.nc (860.3 KB)is the Gcode if you want to look at it

It took a bit of digging in excel, to sort out exactly what is happening, but the G-code is calling for identical coordinates at each of the four ‘points of the compass’. There is no ‘step’ in the code.

I looked at the Min X, Max X, Min Y, Max Y coordinates at the top and bottom layers and they were identical. Here’s a sampling from the left and right of the diagram above (each column is a different Z, at the top, mid and bottom of the cut).

Well thanks for looking, I will keep trying to figure this out. I used the calibration test from @RobertA_Rieke last night and it worked fine. I cant figure why it would step on the first half and be fine on the second half. I checked all the belts, pulleys and checked for square, just cant find it.

no but I will

I wonder if the ‘slot’ in the piece is causing the bit to ‘overshoot’, as it encounters less resistance. Are you cutting CCW around that pocket? Does the stepping stop, with the first cut deeper than that slot at the 6 o’clock position? You might try cutting clockwise and see if the steps go away. Or, if you’re cutting that slot, change your order of operations and cut it after the circular channel.

I am having the same problem, but my carving moves up (the y-axis) on most passes. Some times 1 or 2 mm, and once about 5 mm. Once this started happening, it has done it on the last 3 projects that I have tried. Very aggravating.

Mine seems to have been fixed, I am not sure what fixed it. I did a lot of tweak and checking and tightening.