Why no downcut or compression bits from inventables?

The first 2 weeks with my x-carve were very disappointing when cutting plywood and then I found downcut and compression bits and I’m happy as a clam. I’ve been wondering for a few months why does inventables totally ignore these kind of bits for what they ship in kits for getting started and presets in easel etc?

Oh! I had no idea they aren’t meant for CNC, I for sure get best results with them when cutting baltic ply. Thanks for the reply!

Back when I bought my Xcarve i got the starter bits addon and I think it only has straight cut, upcut, and fishtail, wasn’t very user friendly if your main plan was to cut plywood. Thanks for the reply!

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@BobJewell I respectfully disagree. Compression bits are widely used in CNC work. Typically, you cut deeper with a first pass to get the upcut portion below your surface.

@BobJewell Thanks for clarifying your previous comment.
@MichaelEvans If it’s working, keep it up. Downcut or straight flute bits would work well on plywood. I think Inventables is still working on the presets and adding more bits into Easel.

@PhilJohnson I agree. I’m sure you have your machine dialed in, but, for others that method also handles any deflection in the bit.

Bad idea. People should be more careful to clean out under there. Sawdust can cause slippages. Results may vary. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lol Whelp thanks for all the replies!

To be clear my original post was a wondering since personally I did not get good results from the straight cut bits on plywood, searched around the net and found a lot of suggestions for downcut and compression bits. I think most people do indeed as mentioned above graduate into just setting up stuff manually in easel, I just found it strange that some of them didn’t already have settings for noobies to experiment. :-p