Why not 3D carving

Why doesn’t Easel offer the ability for 3D carving? Even if they offered Easel Pro2.0

I too, am curious now in 2020 why easel isn’t capable of 3d carving. I have been paying for pro for a few months now and would like to carve 3d stuff. Hey Inventables!.. when can you make this happen???

Easel / Easel Pro carve “3D” just fine, but you wont be able to design in “3D” with Easel/Pro.
I dont think Inventables ever intended, or indicated that their program will be 3D-capable.

I use Fusion360 myself (free for personal use) like many others, and programs like MeshCAM, Vectric V-Carve / Aspire will generate gcode Easel can import and carve just fine.

Easel is a very conveniant program, quite capable in some aspects but certainly lacking in others.
But its very streamlined and well integrated into the Xcarve workflow, from design to making noise.

My question is do you have to be subscribed to Easel Pro to import G-Code from other software such as V-Carve Pro?

@GeraldMcgee1 No, but you also don’t need to use Easel as there are a number of gcode senders out there.

If they offered 3d I would go Pro with it in a heartbeat. Until then, as I have to use a different program anyway for what Easel can’t do, I have trouble pulling the trigger.

Thanks Neil. I am trying to decide if I want to pull the trigger on V-Carve Pro. I want to do some 3D carving and at this time I am very inexperienced at it. Is V-Carve Pro what I need to do 3D and everything else I was doing with Easel Pro? Easel Pro is very easy to set up and cut but my concern is how difficult would it be to set up and cut with V-Carve Pro on my X-Carve machine? Any information from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

What kind of 3D carving is it you desire?
This will weight heavily towards what program(s) are ideal :slight_smile:
Want more input :wink:

I would like to do things similar to this picture. I definitely would like more input. V-Carve Pro is fairly expensive and I do not want to buy something that I don’t need. Thanks for the help.

I have had Vectric Desktop since I got into CNC. (2015)
Its great software and does everything that I want it to.
You cannot do 3D design in Desktop, but you can import multiple types of 3D models and manipulate them.
Go to their web site and download the free trial version.
You will be able to everything except run the tool paths.
I think you’ll be impressed.

Hey Derrick, great suggestion on 3D carving, I know that is a recommendation we hear a lot in terms of the ability to design directly in Easel. A few people mentioned already but you can totally carve 2.5 and 3D objects with Easel but you will need to generate the gcode in another piece of software.

I’ve personally used Fusion 360 (which is free) to do this and V-Carve is another good option.

Thanks for the information Jan and I will go check it out.

Download the software and watch the tutorials that they offer.
If I can do it, you can.