Why won't Easel import this?

So I’ve been using Easel for about 3 months now and I need to make a sign. I designed it in Inkscape and want it cut out but Easel is saying that it won’t accept it. I’ve listed my steps and their results, I’ve also attached the file to see if anyone can help with this.

Fix the test by ctrl+shift+c…nothing

Delete one of the text layers so it doesn’t look 3-D…nothing

I’ve simplified the skyline trace, but it makes it look retarded and I don’t know how to prevent that, but any case it didn’t fix it either.


I’m not seeing the file.


ok, am I stupid? I uploaded the SVG and it gives me a path but doesn’t upload the image

Might want to try and re upload the file I d0nt see it here

Try waiting a few minutes after uploading but before hitting reply. That has worked for me a few times. My internet connection is slow and it wasn’t really uploaded before I tried to post the reply.


Ok the SVG wouldn’t upload, so here is the PNG, I am at a loss with technology today.

Are you tracing the png in Inkscape? I’m not proficient at all in Inkscape, but I can’t get it import into easel unless I use the Trace Bitmap feature in Inkscape. You may not need to do this, if it is already vectors in Inkscape rather than the png file I’m trying to use. Clear as mud now, I’m sure.

I can share my easel file to see how it looks if you want. Probably not what you want, but I have it if you want it.


Here it is if you want it.

is this a vector .svg, or an image saved as an svg?

The image I attached is a .png version of an .svg that I made. So Jason Hughes, thank you so much for the image, I tried doing that with the image trace option and it wasn’t working for me, but I think I had computer issues.

So when I tried to carve it, I got all the way through the “material thickness, bit size, home position, raise the bit, turn on the spindle.” And Easel takes me back to the image and starts the whole process over again without cutting.

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Cannot answer your question directly but have failed as well with many source progams that convert to .svg and thence Easel. Then a Forum member recommended http://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-svg with which every conversion, in my case, .jpg and .bmp, works. Of the c. 200 Imaje file conversions available to .svg I see there are 5 sorts of .png and interestingly even .vicar which Wikipedia tells me is used for NASA space mission!.