Why Z so deep?

i made sure jogging is accurate. I have the new belts and motors and Z.
used probe. just upgraded and ran set up again and has happened 3 times now, see anything to adjust? correct bit and everything


If you upgraded the z did you put the right numbers in for that z?

I ran the machine setup and picked the upgrade options, yes. But I shared the machine inspector for more seasoned people in case something is wrong, I don’t know the depths of the $numbers in the inspector

Which z axes did you upgrade to ?

The newest one, the direct drive screw one that comes in the upgrade kit with the risers and stiffeners and belts and motors

If you are talking about the one from Inventables i seem to think your $=102 is wrong. That is close to the cnc4newbies setting and i don’t think that is right for that upgrade but i could be wrong.

Just did some checking and looks like the $=102 should be right. Maybe you should calibrate it and see what it does.

When you set Z zero, did you set it directly atop the area to carve, or way down at the front left corner?

If it was set at the front left corner, then the top of your workpiece is not parallel to the spindle plane of movement. . . The front is lower than the back, in reference to the Spindle Plane of movement.
I kinda show that in this video about setting the board to be parallel to the spindle movement…

Surfacing the wasteboard will also help reduce this issue, but the best fix is to surface the board on the CNC and then stain in place. And then set Z zero directly atop the area where you are V bit carving. (not at the front left corner)

The other possibility, since you have $20 and $21 set to 0, the cnc could possibly hit the top of the Z during the origin safety height, or safety height movements and then it would loose steps in the Z and not tell you… IF you set $20=1 then you will get an on screen alarm and the machine will stop whenever it his a limit switch outside of the homing cycle . . . (IF you do turn on $20 or $21, you’ll want to also set $132=152.4 because your Z is now taller than it was before)

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Thanks Seth, I took the calipers to it and the thickness is uneven. Guess since I’m working with 1/16 and 1/32 even a little bit of unevenness makes a difference, sorry for the bother

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Well, thickness is only part of the issue… a Pringle is even thickness, right?

And thin material easily twists , cups and bows… it should be pretty close, as long as the wasteboard is surfaced flat using the cnc, and the board is held down evenly, and depending on the size it may need something to hold it in the center as well (blue tape and CA glue works to prevent the center from lifting up)

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